PCP Providers

Bring happiness back to the practice of the medicine, and improve patient's quality of care.


  • Improve your QOL
  • Work with a team
  • Restore Autonomy
  • Minimize administrative paperwork
  • Bring happiness back to the practice of medicine
  • Increase Income Ratio
  • Improve quality of care for patients: value-based care
  • Eliminate worry over MACRA
  • Decrease your workload
  • Greater reimbursements

Why Join our TVPC team ?


  • Long hours and lower pay, as a primary care provider, is a thing of the past. Building a Franchise practice with TVPC you can work from home seeing half the number patients than in a traditional brick and mortar office. (A mature PCP Franchise practice requires a minimum of 710 patients.)
  • With TVPC’s unique business model of Franchising PCPs, you own your practice but, it’s supported by an entire tech-based, virtual operations team.
  • Your income will become >30% the national average for PCPs.
  • Set you own pace, see patients in their home or residence, and complete the encounter by just pressing ENTER on your EMR. Everything else is done by TVPC’s centrally located, virtual team where we do all back-office work: Revenue Cycle Management, (billing) referrals, scheduling f/u visits by Telemedicine, and order all other complimentary, comprehensive services. Your encounters are backed by: 24/7 nursing, online pharmacy, mental health, Home Health Care, etc.
  • All marketing and analytics are provided by TVPC. We bring patients to YOU.
  • Patients are scheduled within the zip codes closest to your home or office.
  • You can own one or more Franchises, with care provided by other MDs/DOs or Nurse Practitioners.

Advance Practice Nurse (APN, Nurse Practitioners)

Franchise or Salaried

Franchise: Choosing Franchising gives you the same benefits as an MD/DO.

Salaried: Being salaried, TVPC arranges for the ownership, or a TVPC Franchise physician owns the practice. You receive a salary but you’re working independently while ALL operations are similar to the Franchise.